Here are some essential tips on how to promote your website.

The basics = publishing your website address

  • Register with search engines
  • Include your web address in your email signature
  • Add your web address to all your social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Create a Facebook page that people can like/follow (I am talking about a page for your business. It is different than a personal page)
  • Whenever you participate in something, an event, exhibition, press article, styling job, editorial, etc, make sure any printed and promotional material include your website address
  • Ask your professional network if they can link to your site (including your agents)
  • Register with some industry directories

Content strategy = Tips on what to write and share

Your web presence needs to stay fresh so you need to maintain your website and stay active on social media. When developing your site or blog, you should have answered the question: what am I hoping to get out of it? If not, it’s not too late; do it and this will help you identify your target market.
When deciding on topics, think of how you will:

  1. Attract (what topics is your audience interested in?)
  2. Retain (is there enough relevant information on your website/Facebook for your audience to explore? Can you keep them interested? Will they come back?)
  3. Convert (if you are looking for “customers”, is it clear and easy for your audience to understand what you offer and for them to contact you / make a purchase?)

Every post you write should have a keyword / key phrase and an audience in mind to make sure you reach your target market.

Try and find something “easy” for you to publish every week on your social media accounts (be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). i.e. “Photo of the Week” – this will help to build your following without creating too much stress for you. It will quickly become a habit for you.

Publishing content

  • Generate new, unique and interesting content
  • Write new blog posts – regularly
  • Always share your posts on Facebook, twitter, etc to reach a wider audience
  • Plan ahead: Schedule posts and shares – consider to make it easier

Building up your audience

  • Find sites/blogs that your audience are likely to be interested in – “Like” (i.e. follow) pages of similar interest/audience
  • Engage in social media = share useful links and participate in conversations (include your web address in your comments).
  • Look into adding a “follow my blog” option on your website (either a plugin, RSS or Bloglovin) so people can sign up and receive your posts by email