I am quite a private person so it is no surprise that I am not a big fan of social media! However, social media marketing has become an indispensable tool for any business. It is very powerful and if you plan it well, it is actually not so invasive. In fact, what I think social media does really well for businesses is to facilitate connections with like-minded individuals and businesses and, by opening the dialogue, helps establishing trust faster.

If you want the best results, before you embark on your social media journey, I recommend you do a little plan.

1. Defining your audience

The very first thing to do is to think about and define your audience. You have most likely already done this when developing your website but it is a good idea to review this anyway. Your service offering may have changed and your audience may be wider or narrower?

Now you need to work out how social media and other web-related activities can help you:

  • Capture it
  • Retain it
  • Convert it

2. Capturing your audience

To capture your audience, decide what you will write about to attract their attention. What will you “like” on Facebook, share, and tweet about?

3. Retaining your audience

Once you have captured your audience, make it easy for them to further engage with them so they start a relationship with your brand (ie. follow you on Twitter, Facebook, subscribe to your newsletter).

4. Converting your audience

When it comes to conversion, what can you offer them so they become a customer? Facebook competitions, give-aways, or other discounts and promotions on your social media networks are worth considering.

5. Executing your plan

Now, when it comes to the delivery, my advice is to keep it simple and stay focussed!


Pick some topics, pick some dates and start collecting data for your posts (photos, info, etc)

Set up a blogging calendar.

Be realistic about what you can achieve and try and stay consistent.

It is better to write 1 post every Wednesday rather than 5 posts all in one week.

Once your pattern has been established, your audience will start to look forward to reading your next article.


Use your Facebook page to follow your favourite people, companies, shops and designers.

Check your newsfeed every morning to keep up to date; like and share relevant news on your page.

Let your followers know what you are up to and share what you have come across that may interest them (no need to tell them what you have eaten!).


Use your twitter account in a similar way (in terms of learning, following and sharing); it is also easy to take great photos and tweet on the go to share your finds with your followers instantly. Make sure you link your Twitter account with your Facebook page, that way you can share your tweets on your Facebook page.


Why not create a pinterest board that represents your brand? This can be another visual insight into you who are, how your business thinks and operates.


Another way of easily creating a visual feast and sharing your adventures with your followers. And by following other like-minded people, you will get a lot of inspiration.


If it is still seems too daunting, contact me to get started with your social media marketing activities.