So I thought I would share with you my thoughts on why would one choose to work with me? I think my clients would agree – but feel free to ask them!

  • I listen and learn so I can propose a solution that is right for your business.
  • Rather than coming from a design or technical background, I will first give a business perspective first. I have been contributing to successful business operations for close to 20 years (wow… I don’t feel that old!).
  • I speak your language (with a French accent admittedly), and that means I try and demystify the internet, design and technical terms for you. I have been told I make it much easier to understand.
  • I am super organised, which means I will keep you on track and help you get your project up and running fast.
  • I like to empower you by showing you how it’s done and training you on how to do it yourself (of course, if you are not interested or do not have the time or headspace, I can also assist you there).
  • I like to keep it small and personal. I have a team around me that I will call on when required but I am not looking at building a big empire (or even a medium size business). I want to be personally involved in and enjoy every project I take on and develop new relationships with like minded business owners.

And then of course, there are a few quirks, like:

  • You may often get my voicemail. My phone is often on silence mode when I need to concentrate or of course when I am with a client.
  • I check and respond to emails only a few times a day (at least 4 times I’d say, if not more). I realised that it was too big a distraction for me and I worked out that the best way to cope with this was to turn off automatic notifications and only attend to emails at specific intervals throughout the day.
  • I am too optimistic when it comes to travel time and I am not the best parker (even though I drive a very small car!)… As a result, I still tend to run a little late. I work on this every day and I have improved but I haven’t mastered this yet.

The main reason I started Studio Manusha is because I want to “make an enjoyable living”. I love what I do, I love discovering new businesses and guiding them through the maze of the online world.

I am also a home body, and my childhood dream was to be an interior architect. That didn’t quite happen but by making the interiors industry my main focus, I get to meet some inspiring people, see beautiful places and discover amazing products.
Happy days!

If you are interested in discussing your project with me or if you have any questions, please get in touch! I look forward to hearing your story.