It’s great that you’ve chosen to DIY your website but it can be frustrating if you are not quite getting the results you were expecting. You’re not alone.


Let's “Do It Together”!

Right now you have a website that:

• is still a work in progress
• doesn’t look right
• doesn’t function well


And… while there is plenty of information out there:

• You simply don’t have the time to learn
• You don’t have the expertise or confidence to continue by yourself
• You’ve hit a roadblock and just wish you could sit down with someone to guide you through it and answer your questions


I now offer individual consulting sessions to remove the bottlenecks you’re facing. Together, we can get your DIY website off the ground and working for you.

I can help you move forward with confidence

The session will be tailored to your needs

Depending on where you’re at with your business and your website, we could address some of these points:

  • Website platform
    what to choose; what do the different platforms look like; is it hard to learn and use…
  • Branding
    who are your ideal customers; deciding on a look and feel; working on colour schemes and typography…
  • Content
    what do you need to say and show to capture your target audience; where to find images for your website; how to write your copy; will you need a copywriter…
  • Tech questions
    how do I get a domain name; how do I setup my email address; do I need to host my website somewhere; how do I launch my website…

How much longer can you afford to be stuck?

I have created these sessions as I realise that not everybody can afford to get a professional website done, especially when just starting up. I want to help you by saving you precious time so you can get out there confidently faster.

15 min consultation (online, or by phone): FREE

• 1-hour session (at my office, or online): $135
• 2-hour session (at your place, my office, or online): $240
• 3-hour session (at your place, my office, or online): $297


The fine print
Prices include gst.
Session must be pre-paid; I will send you an invoice once our session is confirmed.
If you need to reschedule a session, please give me as much notice as possible. Any session cancelled less than 2 hours prior to the scheduled time are non-refundable.

If you think we're a good fit

  1. Simply email me to give me some background into your project (what is your business, have you started a website, what are you using, where are you stuck, etc)
  2. Book in a free 15 minute session. That way we can have an initial chat over the phone, with absolutely no obligation to continue after this
  3. I’ll let you know how long a session I recommend and you can schedule it, choosing your preferred location (either face to face or online):
    • at your place (if you live in Adelaide or Adelaide Hills),
    • at my office in the city (Mache CoWorking) or
    • via video chat if you prefer (I use Zoom with my interstate clients, we can screen share and it works really well)

I’d love to help you make your DIY website the best it can be for what it is.

A little about me and how I work

I love working closely with small business owners, producing beautiful and professional websites that give them the confidence to continue doing what they’re passionate about.

  • I have been in the industry since 1996. I have worked on maaaaaany websites, from large corporate sites to small creative portfolios;
  • For the last 6 years, I have been working with Squarespace (a lot!), as well as WordPress and more recently with Shopify;
  • I know what it was like “before the internet” and always try and explain things in simple terms;
  • I deal with technology every day;
  • I also love simple, beautiful and effective designs;
  • I am what you call a Web Producer: technical and design knowledge is imperative for me to do my job, but if you are after some more complex functionality or customisation, I may work with a web developer (who can pretty much code with their eyes closed!).